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« Apprendre sans réfléchir est vain. Réfléchir sans apprendre est dangereux »
“Learning without thinking is futile. Thinking without learning is dangerous”


Discover your learning profile:

Visual learners, learn better with images. Auditory learners do better with sounds and kinesthetic learners with feelings and emotions. It is important to know your profile. However, when learning French it is always good to listen to dialogues and radio programs. Watch video clips and news programs where both sound and images are in use. It is important to learn to develop the ability to get the big picture in order to perceive the subject matter in its totality. Imagine in your head the links which exist between the pieces of information.

How to avoid errors, mistakes?

« L’expérience, c’est le nom que chacun donne à ses erreurs. »

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes”
-Oscar Wilde

« Penser, c’est aller d’erreur en erreur »
“Thinking is to go from one error to another”

Error is an essential element in Learning. Without it no learning, no action,
no innovation nor invention is possible. To progress you need to analyse the error. Try to understand why you have committed that error. This is exactly what you do in sports, in music or when playing a video game.

It is important not to get discouraged by the mistakes you do.
See positively one’s mistakes, help you to progress.

After listening to a French dialogue or a story it is important to read or repeat to see whether you can say it correctly.
Compare with what you just heard. Intonation is more important in French than the pronunciation.

« La mémoire est la sentinelle de l’esprit. »
“The memory is the watchman of the mind.”
-William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1605

« Mémoriser, ce n’est pas apprendre par Cœur. »
Memorising is not to learn by heart.
It is by understanding properly what you want to remember. It is vital to structure the information. Here, mind maps play a vital role. Tony Buzan introduced these maps to improve the learning capacity of students. Make many connections as possible to learn the vocabulary. Avoid making lists to remember.

La gestion du temps

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