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I invite all my past students to write how my teaching helped them to improve their knowledge of French.


Monsieur LOKU



Higher achievers:

International Baccalaureate


8 thoughts on “Past students”

  1. LOKU’s lessons definitely helped me to achieve a high mark in french at VCE, the work was at a higher level than what we were learning at school, so school work became easier. and this gave me a definite advantage when sitting tests or exams.

  2. Tuition with Loku was great; his tips on what to look out for for both exams (written and oral) were perceptive and accurate. The best aspect of the tuition was the opportunity to speak in French to somebody else, as well as his many resources to help your listening improve. Definitely good for those struggling with conversation or those who do not have many opportunities to practice their French.

  3. Loku’s tuitions helped me considerably thoughout VCE, by supplementing my learning with many invaluable resources. I found that my passion for learning French increased as I found myself more confident in speaking and writing in French through the videos, worksheets and guidance that Loku provided. The lessons made learning French more enjoyable and easier, my only regret is that I hadn’t started sooner.

  4. LOKU’s tuition classes definitely helped me improve my profiency and my marks in French. The work I was given was of a higher standard than the VCE level, and his tips on how to approach the exams and the oral component really helped me when I sat for my exams.

  5. Loku’s tutoring can be better refered to as mentoring. He provided me with a wealth of material and knowledge that were indispensible in my studies of Higher Level French in the IB diploma. Not only did this dramatically help improve my vocabulary and comprehention, but encouraged me to become an independant thinker by developing my logical and analytical skills. These lessons are invaluable in any aspect of life, and definitely prepared me not only for my exams, but for uni life and beyond. However I think what I treasure the most is the appreciation I gained for the beautiful and fascinating French culture that fuelled my inspiration for learning the language – who could ask for more?

  6. Loku’s tuition classes greatly helped me to improve my ability to speak, write and understand French. Doing French as a Higher Level subject for the International Baccalaureate was a challenge albeit a rewarding one. My success in this subject was greatly aided by the steady flow of extensive exam preparation material and teaching provided in Loku’s classes every week.
    The classes also gave me an opportunity to ask any questions that I have had. Moreover, having to converse in French throughout every class helped me to improve my confidence and fluidity when speaking dramatically. Not only that, but through his other variety of valuable resources (movies, novels, songs and documentaries) I was able to engage in the learning materials to a greater extent and gain a deeper appreciation of the French culture.

  7. V.Loku’s innovative teaching methods help him to effectively teach French through media and creative techniques rather than conventional rote learning and translation. His lessons are thus very engaging and informative.
    His familiarity with the VCE curriculum, as well as his mastery of the French language not only allows him to effectively teach all the necessary ideas for VCE French, but also the subtleties of the language.
    Mr. Lokuliyanage inspired a passion for the French language within me from the very beginning. It is thanks to him that I will continue to study this beautiful language in the future.

  8. Loku’s teaching really helped me; he always pushed for better performance and didn’t allow me to slack off.

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