This page is for you to ask any question. You may be a teacher of French or a learner of French. Please ask your questions and we will try to get an answer or/and direct you to a place where you can find answers.


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  1. We will soon publish the necessary literary texts. Thank you for your enquiry.If you have any other suggestions we would like to hear.

  2. If you can add some analysis for the literary texts which would at least mark the scope they expect for AL will be great for the teachers as well as for the students

  3. This site is very good and Thank you for same. Please let me know the following as I am hoping to sit for French in G C E (AL) in Sri Lanka as a private candidate. French
    Literate I saw this site has give 10 books to study. What is the book prescribed for the
    year 2013 A L French ? Or do we have to study all the books for the Literate ? Shall be thankful if you can reply me soon.

    Thank you onceagain.

    – Andrea de Silva – SRI LANKA

  4. Thank you Andrea for making use of the site. 10 extracts were chosen for the Advanced level. You have to study only those. When you take away the 2 texts already given, then only 8. I will be putting some questions for those 8 texts very soon. Go to the page on How to study for the exam as well.

  5. what are the suitable essay topics and letters that GCE A/L students should practice to prepare for the exam? and plz give some essay topics.

  6. what are the names of the books that are useful to improve my french grammar knowledge? mauger bleu is it ok or not?

  7. Thank you for your question.Famously called “Mauger Bleu”: cours de langue et de civilisation française written by G Mauger is actually a grammar book which has been modified as a text to teach French used in seventies by then “Alliance Française de Colombo” I will be starting soon grammar lessons. The best method is to read French articles and see how the grammar is applied in real situations. Teachers assume that when grammar is taught the students learn how to speak and write. You need to read in sites like: 1jour1actu, jde , mon quotidien.I will put the links to theses sites. I wish you all the best.

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